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What We Preserve

From a Babylonian clay tablet created in 2,000 B.C. to a blog post you made 10 minutes ago, the UNT Libraries are committed to the preservation of information of all formats.

Every day you record information about your life at UNT– in electronic documents, digital photographs and digital video. However, unlike a clay tablet, these digital artifacts will not survive in the long term unless we take immediate steps to preserve them.

Keeper is a web application that makes it easy to donate digital materials to the University Archive where they can be preserved into the future. The UNT University Archive collects materials related to UNT history, campus culture, and the student experience.

How You Can Help

Help us build the archive of the future by preserving a piece of your digital life as a UNT community member—whatever that may be. You can submit anything from a selfie on your first day of class to a video on your graduation day. You can even submit digital copies of physical items (like scans of photos or written documents) that you’re not ready to part with. This way you can hold on to your memories while also adding them to the online archival collection for others to experience. Nearly any digital file type can be donated through the Keeper app. Images, documents, videos, and audio recordings are all welcome contributions.

Submitting materials to Keeper is easy. Follow the Keeper link below, and simply drag and drop files from your desktop, or upload files directly from your mobile device. Once files are added to the app, tell us a little about who you are and what you are contributing to the archive. Helpful description includes the date the material was created, the location, names of any people featured, and any other context to help archivists and future researchers understand what the material is and why it is relevant to our campus history.

Archivists will review submissions for preservation. Then, the materials will be made available online in the Portal to Texas History and the UNT Digital Library.

Materials added to the University Archive and UNT Digital Library will be part of a growing research collection of publicly accessible, digital archival materials. You can see examples of what has already been contributed in the University Memory Collection.

For any questions about donating digital or physical materials, please contact the Special Collections.

Terms and Conditions

Your contribution to the University Archive is subject to the terms and conditions of the UNT Libraries Gift Agreement. By uploading files, you agree to these terms and conditions. Following your submission, an archivist will contact you to provide additional information about your submission.

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