Printing, Scanning, Photocopies

two students at a printer
Basic information about printers, scanners, and copiers throughout the libraries.

There are a number of printers, scanners, and copiers located throughout the Libraries. This page gives you information about their locations and other basic information. Please see instructions accompanying machines for full details on usage, costs, etc.

General Information

  • UNT students, faculty and staff will use their EUID and password to access printing throughout the Libraries.
  • The SPARK, as one of the UNT Student Computer Labs, has provided student funded printers in the Libraries. All workstation within the Libraries, both community and SPARK, will be able to print to student funded if submitted by a currently enrolled UNT student.
  • The Libraries provides pay to print services for all patrons.
  • You will use your EUID or create a guest account (click on the link that says “Don’t have a UNT EUID”) if you are unaffiliated with the University.
  • The UNT Libraries observe U.S. Copyright Laws.

UNT Student Printing

All Computers in Willis Library have access to the ‘Print Credit’ system for currently enrolled students through the student funded printers.


Purchase Credit Online: Credit can now be purchased online at Login with your EUID/Password or for community users create an account through the “I do not have a UNT EUID” link.


  • Three cents ($0.03) for one single-sided black-and-white-printed sheet.
  • Five cents ($0.05) for one double-sided black-and-white-printed sheet.
  • Ten cents ($0.10) for one single-sided color-printed sheet.
  • Nineteen cents ($0.19) for one double-sided color-printed sheet.


Willis Library: Lower Level

  • Public Use B&W Printer: No printing on this floor.

Willis Library: 2nd Floor

  • Scanners: Available.
  • Printing: Student funded printer available.
  • Microform Scanner/Printing: Save scan jobs to a USB flash drive or pay to print.

Willis Library: 3rd Floor

  • Scanners: available.

Willis Library: 4th Floor

  • Public Use B&W Photocopy: One copier, pay per copy.
  • Public Use B&W Printer: One general public black & white printer, pay per print.

Sycamore Library

  • Photocopies: Adjacent to the library printing
  • Printing: All workstations print to the Public Pay2Print Printer and to the Student Funded Printers. Authenticated students can print using the “Print Credit” system to the student funded printers. Sycamore Library has one Public Use B&W Photocopy/Printer and one Color Printer.
  • Scanners: Four flatbed scanners, attached to public workstations, are available.

Discovery Park Library

  • Library Printing/Photocopy: Printing and Photocopying is available using Pay2Print and Student Funded methods.
  • Scanning: Students may use the scanner machine, located next to the reference desk in B112, to send files and images to their email account.
  • Workstation Scanners: Two flatbed scanners, attached to public workstations, are located in Room B112.

Frisco Landing Library

  • ** Printing/Photocopy:** Printing and photocopying is available using Pay2Print and Student Funded methods. Frisco Landing Library has two color printers with attached flatbed scanners.
  • Scanning: Two flatbed scanners, attached to workstations, are available in assistive technology rooms FRLD 244C and FRLD 244D.