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The Catalog

Contains descriptive records for several million items that are available at UNT (physically or online). Includes many material types from books, movies, and music, to more specialized items like government reports and educator resources.

Discover (The New Catalog)

Discover allows you to filter your search results across multiple categories, allowing you to find exactly the item you need. Learn more about the Discover search system.

Legacy Catalog

While searching in the Discover search system is both faster and much more precise, the old catalog is still here if you need it.

Articles & Online Subscription Materials

We subscribe to hundreds of online sources of information, and many provide full-text access to materials. Here are a few suggestions for getting started.

Individual Articles


Searching for journals can be hit-or-miss as our holdings are constantly changing. These are typically your best options:

For Your Course

Do you need research materials for a specific class at UNT? Try these sources.

Course Guides

Find materials targeted to specific courses.

UNT’s Unique Collections & Materials

We maintain a diverse and growing collection of research materials on a broad range of topics, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. Some items are available on campus only, but many are available online. Explore our collections and create something new.

U.S. Government, Texas, & Genealogical Resources

The UNT Library is a designated Federal Depository Library, making government publications freely available to the public. We also operate one of the nation’s most comprehensive digital repositories of materials related to Texas History.

UNT Scholarship & University Archives

Looking for past works by UNT faculty and students, official publications or records? Start here.

Beyond Our Collections

If we don’t have something you need it can often be requested and delivered using our Interlibrary Loan service. Here are a few tools to help search outside of UNT’s walls.

Initiatives & Support

Are you a UNT Faculty member, student, or other scholar looking for support with research, dissemination, or archiving of your work? We can help.