Course Reserves

books on a shelf
Information about retrieving required readings and audiovisual materials for a course.

For Instructors: Placing Items on Reserves.

What Are Course Reserves?

  • The UNT Libraries holds and distributes course reading materials, including some textbooks, for students as requested by instructors. These materials are placed at a service desk within the libraries or are made available online and can include books, articles, chapters of books, sample tests, videos, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Although we do not have copies of all course textbooks, we do have many that have been placed on reserves by instructors or are part of the UNT Libraries’ collection. To determine if your textbook is on reserves, please go to our Find Course Reserves page or you may search for the title in the library catalog.
  • Library materials that are on reserves have a more limited checkout periods than items in the general collection and accrue overdue fines. For information about checkout periods and fine rates, visit the Borrowing Reserves & Laptops policy.
  • There are special access restrictions for electronic items that are on reserves. Once you have located an electronic reserve by searching the Find Course Reserves page, you must follow the provided login instructions. The Course Password for online reserves items is distributed by the instructor to students currently enrolled in the course. Library staff are unable to provide the course password.

Locations of Reserves at Service Desks

Course reserves for physical items are divided among library service desks based on the course subject.

  • Willis Library: Arts, Sciences, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, World Languages and Spanish Courses. These subjects are located at the Library Services Desk, first floor.
  • Music Library: Music materials including books, scores, CDs, vinyl records, and film. This subject is located at the Music Library Service Desk, in the Music Library, 4th floor, Willis Library.
  • Discovery Park Library: Computer Science, Library & Information Sciences, Engineering, and Material Science Courses. These subjects are located at the Discovery Park Library Service Desk.
  • Sycamore Library: Business, Economics, Emergency Management and Disaster Science, Geography, Political Science, and Public Administration Course Reserves and Government Documents and Law materials. These subjects are located at the Sycamore Library Service Desk, Sycamore Hall.
  • Frisco Landing Library: College of Applied and Collaborative Studies and other courses being taught at Frisco. Regardless of the course subject, reserve materials for courses being taught at Frisco are held at the Frisco Landing Library Service Desk.
  • Media Library: Materials including film, video, and tabletop games. Regardless of the course being taught, media reserve materials are located at the Media Library Services Desk, on the second floor of Willis Library. Review the Media Reserves Policy.