University Libraries Policies and Procedures

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Information including: guidelines, standardized rules, requirements, best practices, and other principles that further our goals to serve the UNT community and our users.


  • Borrowing Books and Music Materials

    The Borrowing Books and Music Materials Policy of the UNT Libraries describes the patrons’ borrowing privileges, loan periods, and fine rates for regular circulating and music materials.

  • Borrowing Media

    The Borrowing Media Materials Policy of the UNT Libraries describes the patrons’ borrowing privileges, loan periods, and fine rates for media materials.

  • Borrowing Periodicals

    In most cases, periodicals are non-circulating materials. However, some periodicals in print form may be checked out for short periods of time according to the following rules.

  • Borrowing Reserves & Laptops

    The Borrowing Reserves & Laptops Policy of the UNT Libraries describes the patrons’ borrowing privileges, loan periods, and fine rates for reserves and laptops.

  • ID Cards

    In order to borrow materials, you must present a valid ID. UNT students, faculty and staff can check out materials using their UNT ID card. All other users must register with the Library Services Desk at Willis Library before checking out items. All ID cards are non-transferable.

  • Interlibrary Loan Policy

    The University of North Texas Libraries are committed to information accessibility. Retrieving hard copies of items unavailable in the library catalog is made possible through a variety of services, including traditional interlibrary loan and commercial document delivery. As technology advances, the methods, formats and fees are subject to change.

  • Recall Policy

    Information about recall policies for regular circulating items.

Fines and Fees

  • Fines Assessment Policy

    The Fines Assessment Policy of the UNT Libraries describes when fines and fees are assessed and patron is blocked.


  • General Course Reserves Policy

    The General Course Reserves Policy of UNT libraries describes policy information related to placing general collections items on reserves.

  • Music Library Reserve Policy

    The Music Library houses reserves for music classes. Materials on reserve in the Music Library may include books, scores, recordings, photocopies, or other personal items. Different policies and procedures apply to the various formats

Libraries Use

  • Library Use

    The Library Use Policy includes information about building use, identification, tobacco, animals, bicycles, food & drinks, noise, library tours, orientation, instruction, and classroom reservations.

  • Special Collections Policies

    The materials in the University of North Texas Libraries collections are open for research use, except where noted, or where restricted by law.

Collection Development

  • Collection Development Policy

    The Collection Development Policy of the University of North Texas Libraries governs the acquisition, disposition, placement, and access to materials that support the research and teaching needs of students and faculty, in accordance with the missions of the University and the Library.

  • Disposition of Library Materials Policy

    This policy provides guidelines for the disposition of library materials within the general collection whether acquired by purchase or by gift or exchange. This policy does not apply to rare or high value materials, government documents, special collections, or materials covered by the Music or Media Collection Development Policies.

  • Reconsideration of Materials

    Information related to the reconsideration of materials acquired by the UNT Libraries through its collection development practices and policies.

  • UNT Libraries Gift Policy

    This policy addresses accepting gifts of books, journals, videos and resources in other formats offered to UNT Libraries in support of teaching and research information needs of University students and faculty.


  • Applying Copyright Section 108(c) to the UNT Media Library Collection

    The following are the UNT Media Library’s policies and procedures for creating preservation copies of audiovisual materials from the UNT Libraries collections. These preservation copies will become part of the library collection and are not to be made for the purpose of supplying a patron with a personal copy of an item. These policies and procedures are based on the Copyright Section 108(c) with guidance from the 2012 report “Video At Risk: Strategies for Preserving Commercial Video Collections in Libraries” produced by the NYU Libraries.

  • Media Library Copyright Policies

    The Media Library follows the face-to-face classroom exemption for use of media materials, as outlined in the Copyright Act (U.S. Code, Title 17, Section 110). The Media Library also follows the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia.

Digital Libraries

  • Library Data Retention

    The UNT Libraries is committed to making library-generated data broadly available in the UNT Data Repository. When possible, deposited datasets will be made available with the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) license and are generally intended to be completely in the Public Domain.

  • Open Source Software Policy

    A policy related to the use of, contribution to, or creation and release of Open Source Software in or by the University Libraries in support of open scholarship at the University of North Texas.