Submission Guidelines for UNT Scholarly Works

Send Us a Copy of Your Item(s):

The most common way to submit your items is through email, however any of the options below will work and we are happy to work with you for other submission methods.

  • Email an attachment to:
  • On a flash drive: we can provide one, or return yours
  • Interdepartmental mail: Attn: UNT Scholarly Works, Digital Projects Unit, Willis 370
  • Need more options, simply contact us

File Format Information

We accept most all standard digital formats and can work with you to digitize any print items.

  • Standard formats: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • Non-digitized items: Simply contact us and we will work out a digitization schedule

Basic Item Information

Include any relevant information that is not already on the item. For example:

  • Author names
  • Title of the item
  • Date item was created/published (if known or relevant)
  • Source - optional (e.g. conference name, journal title, meeting, etc.)
  • Licensing - optional (e.g. Creative Commons license preference)
  • Access - optional (e.g. embargo date, limited access preference, etc.)

See our metadata page for more information on descriptive information to include.

How it Works

You submit your item, most commonly via email, and include any basic information not already on the item itself that will help us describe your work.

We normalize the file format (we retain a PDF copy and the original format and make them available for users to download). Then, for each item, we create a metadata record so that items can be easily discoverable. Finally, we upload the files and metadata record to UNT Scholarly Works and email you once your items have been uploaded.

For questions or more information, contact us.