Traffic Control
DP-105 Advanced Transportation Management Technologies
TE-38 Test and Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Vehicle Detector Technologies
TE-53 Test and Evaluation of Inductive Loop (IL) Detectors

Traffic Management
DP-114 Traffic and Transportation Models
AP-66 Traffic Control Systems Handbook
AP-121 Advanced Traffic Controller Training Course and Video
AP-123 Wide Area Incident Management Expert System
AP-153 Freeway Management Handbook Update
AP-154 Highway Capacity Manual Update
AP-164 Managing Incidents and Access on Surface Streets
AP-170 Congestion Management Applications Testing

Motor Carrier Operations
DP-111 Advanced Motor Carrier Operations and Safety Technologies
AP-126 Operational Practices for Automated Truck Enforcement Facilities

New Software for Multimodal Analysis

U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration