DP-111 Advanced Motor Carrier Operations and Safety Technologies
Safety, Simplicity, & Savings
"The Technology Truck"

Recognizing the need to expand the Outreach effort beyond the bounds of limited staffing and financial resources, the ITS/CVO Division in partnership with the Office of Technology Applications, developed the blueprint for a Demonstration Project to convey the message of ITS/CVO technology. Demonstration Project No. 111 has become known as the "Technology Truck".

The ITS/CVO "Technology Truck" Project goal is to create a national demonstration vehicle--using an 18-wheeler designed and constructed to house portable ITS technology, classroom-type facilities, and informational kiosks--in the area of CVO. The truck is designed to demonstrate, educate, and inform state regulatory agencies, key decision-makers and motor carrier communities regarding the technologies and potential benefits of the ITS/CVO program.

The project serves as a method of introducing ITS/CVO technology to secondary audiences--motor carrier safety enforcement officers, motor vehicle operators (truck/bus drivers), transportation students and the general public by providing hands-on demonstrations as well as interactive, multi-media based information presentations. A truck designed to serve as an interactive learning environment and exhibit on wheels. In spite of disbelievers, the concept, Demonstration Project No. 111 (DP 111) began to take form. FHWA along with close to 150 contributing partners, worked on the concept, design, construction and equipment installation for this project.

The "Technology Truck" is an over-the-road tractor--loaned by the Ford Heavy Vehicle Division--pulling a 48-foot trailer with expandable sides. The truck, which houses portable ITS technology, classroom-type facilities, a computer software demonstration area, interactive kiosks, and a driver-simulation area, is designed to demonstrate, and educate state regulatory agencies, key decision-makers, legislators and the motor carrier communities regarding the technologies and benefits of the ITS/CVO Program.

In addition, the vehicle serves as a classroom and briefing facility on wheels. During the tour, invited guests are be able to interact in a multimedia classroom setting where they can gain more in-depth understanding of the overall ITS/CVO Program and its benefits. Guests can also visit the indoor demonstration areas such as a full-scale mock-up of a truck cab, outfitted with state-of-the-art in-vehicle technology. Where there is a schedule conflict or logistical (size/weight) incompatibility, the project will offer one of its portable kiosks as an alternative. The ITS/CVO "Technology Truck" kiosk combines animation, sound, video and a touch-screen interface for an exciting, interactive exploration of technology categories, projects and products from the participating partners.

Numerous technological advances have been made in recent years that will facilitate the movement of goods nationwide and internationally and improve the safety of operations of automobiles and trucks together in the traffic stream. Many of these developments are aimed at improving safety while eliminating carrier delays through electronic automation of inspections, weighing, toll collections, and credential purchases. The goal of Demonstration Project No. 111 is to demonstrate new technologies and programs which enhance motor carrier safety and productivity. The project will focus on three themes: Administrative technology applications, In-vehicle technology applications, and Road-side technology applications. The mechanism for this demonstration will be a mobile exhibit housed in an expandable trailer. Equipment obtained on loan from vendors will be displayed in a hands-on format and kiosks containing product, service, and program information will be provided in the trailer. Short presentations and workshops will be presented to address the technological and institutional barriers which hinder the implementation and use of new technologies. The primary target audiences of DP 111 are the enforcement community, the trucking industry, and truck drivers. The demonstration will be taken to truck shows, national and regional conferences and symposiums, and to sites in States across the country where safety and weight enforcement agency personnel can be reached.

The "Technology Truck" is criss-crossing the country appearing at a variety of professional conferences, state meetings, truck shows, ITS events, and other CVO forums. The first leg of the tour began in late June and runs through December when the truck will return to Oak Ridge, TN where it will be housed during retrofitting of new technologies. At the time of this printing the truck has exhibited at events in Albany, NY; Cincinnati, OH; Perryville, MD; Panama City, FL; San Antonio and Arlington, TX; Minneapolis, MN and Portsmouth, NH. It has conducted structured walk-thru sessions for close to 1,000 visitors representing the CVO community including: truck drivers, roadside enforcement officers, state CVO regulatory agency representatives, members of Congress, members of state legislatures, DOT employees and officials, state trucking associations, various public partner consortiums, university transportation students and state ITS chapters. The 1997 tour schedule is full and the 1998 tour schedule is already beginning to fill up with some request submitted for 1999.

For more information about the ITS/CVO Technology Truck, please visit the DP-111 on the Web.

For more information about the ITS/CVO Interactive Kiosk, please view the On-line Manual.

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