Bridge Design and Construction
DP-99 Bridge Design and Analysis
DP-102 Bridge Construction
AP-44 Bridge Technology Workshops
TE-36 High-Performance Concrete

Bridge Inspection and Bridge Management
DP-71 Bridge Management Systems

Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing
TE-23 Nondestructive Evaluation and Testing

Corrosion Engineering
DP-84 Corrosion Survey Techniques
DP-91 Cathodic Protection (CP) for Reinforced Concrete Structures
DP-91 Cathodic Protection For Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks
TE-42 Assessment of Physical Condition of Reinforced Concrete Structures
TE-43 Reinforced Concrete Removal, Repair, Protection, and Rehabilitation
TE-44 Electrochemical Chloride Extraction from Reinforced Concrete Structures

Geotechnical Engineering
DP-82 Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls and Slopes
DP-83 Structure Foundations
DP-83 Design of Highways & Bridges For Extreme Events
DP-103 Soil Nail Walls
AP-21 Geotechnical Microcomputer Programs
AP-131 Geotechnical Engineering Circulars

Hydraulic Engineering
Highway Hydrology
Urban Drainage Design Manual
Update Hydraulic Software and Guidelines
Conversion of FHWA Hydraulic Publications to Electronic Media
Surface-Water Modeling System (SMS)
Watershed Modeling System (WMS)
Pump Station Design

Underwater Bridge Integrity
DP-97 Scour Monitoring and Instrumentation
DP-98 Underwater Evaluation and Repair of Bridge Components

U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration