Discovering the Southwest Metroplex

UNT’s Special Collections department was awarded $164,400 through the Council on Library and Information Resources’ (CLIR) Hidden Collections program for the 2014-2016 project Post-War Industry and Development of the Southwest Metroplex. Hidden collections are those collections that reside within libraries, archives, or cultural heritage institutions; yet, are undiscoverable due to non-existent or inefficient description.

Hathi Trust Digital Library Wins on Appeal

Yesterday, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals decided four issues that support library usage of copyrighted works via fair use. The court held that 1. creating copies of copyrighted works for the purpose of making a full-text searchable database, and 2. providing those works fully accessible to individuals with disabilities are both legal under the fair use doctrine. Further, the court held that 3. the Authors Guild did not have standing to sue on behalf of other copyright holders, and 4.

DMPTool2 Workshops

Spencer Keralis will conduct 4 workshops during June on using the DMPTool2. This is the new version of the tool which was just released at the end of May, and features more local customization, including  the ability to collaborate on plans, even with partners at other institutions.

We strongly encourage anyone considering an upcoming grant application to attend, even if you’ve attended a workshop before. We'd also encourage you to send graduate students, who may benefit from an introduction to the terminology and issues around research data management.