The Copyright Services Librarian educates faculty, staff, and other members of the University of North Texas regarding what are their copyrights, how to retain them, or how to reinstate them. She also educates faculty, staff, and others regarding what type of resources and how much of those resources may be copied, distributed, reproduced, displayed or performed via e-reserve, print reserve, Blackboard and other course sites, projectors, class-handouts, and via other conduits.

Creative Commons

The Copyright Services Librarian offers information about the different types of Creative Commons licenses, including: how Creative Commons licenses positively affect faculty, staff, and other UNT members’ copyrights; where to locate images, articles, tables, and other items that are licensed with a Creative Commons license; and how to license one’s scholarship, courseware, and other materials with a Creative Commons license.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The Copyright Services Librarian offers copyright guidance when depositing and displaying an electronic thesis or dissertation into the UNT Digital Library. She also helps in advising how these manuscripts may be utilized later in subsequent publications, what copyrights commercial publishers may have in variations of these manuscripts, and the ramifications of co-authorship.


The Copyright Services Librarian is available, upon faculty request, to make in-person or virtual class presentations. In concert with her presentation, she provides print or digital versions of a power point that covers the basics of copyright and emerging trends related to copyright in the digital world.

SPARC Addendum

As part of UNT’s mission to promote open access, the Copyright Services Librarian explains how authors may retain their literary rights to reproduce, distribute, create derivatives, and display their journal articles by submitting a SPARC Addendum in concert with their publishing agreement. By using this addendum, authors secure other benefits such as increasing access to their scholarship, creating flexibility in the use of their own scholarship, and potentially increasing their citation count. The Copyright Services Librarian also provides guidance to faculty, staff, and students about how to negotiate literary rights with publishers, why one’s copyrights are valuable, and how to critically read one’s publication contract.

Other General Info

The Copyright Services Librarian can assist with other general copyright information, such as: how much of a resource may be copied for personal use; how many journal articles may be requested via inter-library loan; when one may utilize images or tables in a resource; how to request copyright permission from a copyright owner; how to determine whether an item is copyrighted; and other general copyright questions.