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Location: Willis Library: 1st Floor, Room 134

Managed by: Administrative Office

About This Desk:

UNT Libraries have brewed up an eclectic and cozy new place for students, staff and faculty to recharge, relax, and refuel in Willis Library. The Study is conveniently located just inside the front doors of Willis. It features a coffee bar, new menu items, and space for studying or socializing.

drink menu board

In addition to fresh coffee and an array of snacks, creatively sourced décor adds to The Study’s ambiance. Surplus pieces such as traditional light fixtures, vintage typewriters, and even repurposed card catalogs lend a classic library air to the space. Handmade wall hangings using photographs from UNT Libraries’ collections add a whimsical touch.

In an effort to promote sustainability, The Study uses cups made from recycled materials instead of Styrofoam. Customers who bring their own mugs are able to fill it up for the price of a small coffee - $1.75. Buying local is another new effort of The Study, which has partnered with Denton coffee roaster Bookish Coffee to serve their locally roasted and ground beans.

All profits from The Study will go toward funding UNT Libraries' services and programs.