Rare Book and Texana Collections

Highlights of specific items in the collections:

Sewing Basket
[Switzerland?: s.n., between 1840 and 1890]
PT2521.S98 W67 1840

Sewing basket/work basket belonging to Johanna Spyri.
Sewing/Work basket once owned by Johanna Spyri.

This wicker basket, most likely used as a sewing basket, was the property of Johanna Spyri, author of the book Heidi.  Inherited by her great niece, Margarite Paur Ulrich, the basket was given to Gustine Courson Weaver 
(Mrs. Clifford Weaver) in 1936. Mrs. Weaver presented her Heidi
materials the the North Texas State Teachers College around 1939.  

Another view of the basket.
Another view of the basket.

The basket was part of a group of items collected by Mrs. Weaver relating to Johanna Spyri and her book Heidi.  The picture below shows Mrs. Weaver and some of her materials.  The basket is visible in the lower right of the photograph, and shown in an enlargement below.

Mrs. Weaver and some of her Heidi/Spyri materials.
Mrs. Weaver amid some of her Heidi/Johanna Spyri materials.  The basket can be seen at lower right.

Detail of photo above, showing basket.
Detail of above photo showing the basket.