Three Questions with Scot McFarlane

photograph of a smiling man sitting in a canoe with a laptop

Scot McFarlane grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, and Palestine, Texas near the Trinity River. Currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Columbia University, his work has appeared in The Journal of Southern History and Environmental History. At Columbia, Scot has helped teach Mexican History, the History of the South, the History of New York, and is currently drafting a syllabus for a seminar on the history of rivers in North America.

IIIF Texas

The IIIF Community in Texas is pleased to present a free local meeting and showcase. The IIIF is a set of shared application programming interface (API) specifications for interoperable functionality in digital image repositories. 

Graduate Student Workshop: Why Can't Scholarship Be Free?

This presentation looks at models of open access scholarly publishing and examines the costs and value of such publication models. We’ll address some of the persistent questions and myths about open access publishing (Is it “predatory”? Is it “self-publishing”? Is it peer-reviewed?) and look at how various disciplines have embraced it as a model of scholarly dissemination.

For details and registration, see the Graduate School's Upcoming Workshops page. 

Graduate Student Workshop: Proposal Preparation for STEM Students

The Proposal Preparation Workshop is designed to prepare graduate students to research and write their dissertation or thesis proposals. The workshop will focus on the needs of students in the STEM disciplines. We have scheduled a number of speakers who will explain how to 1) write proposals for the two broad disciplines (Engineering and Sciences), 2) do research for your literature review, and 3) organize your research with RefWorks.