Food for Fines

Food for Fines will run from Monday, March 19 through Friday, April 8. Students can bring in canned goods to take care of their fines and help the community at the same time.

FOOD for FINES Summer 2012

Starting Monday, July 23 and continuing through August 10, students can bring in cans of food and receive a reduction on their fines. 1 can = $1.00 and only applies to fines. Can must be larger than 12 oz and cannot be dented or expired. The maximum reduction is $20.00. Students can bring the items to the Willis Library Services Desk during regular service desk hours.

Monthly Spotlight: Our World Oceans

In a word: it's too hot this summer.

The best solution is to wade in a pool all day. Since we all have jobs or things to do, the next best solution is to talk about water long enough until you naturally cool off. Since World Ocean Day came and went in early June, we at UNT Libraries considered this a great time to dive into (get it?) our vast resources on the oceans around our little world.