The UNT Libraries Public Services Division is excited to announce a new research project better understand librarians' understanding of transgender issues, and the information and service needs of transgender patrons. The TX-Gender Project for Libraries will develop a research-based resource for librarians on providing excellent patron services to transgendered persons. Libraries are widely recognized as a key source of information for the LGBTQIA community, and for transgender patrons in particular. Libraries are often seen as a safe place to seek information about community and medical resources for transgender people, especially in rural and socially conservative areas.However, librarians’ biases or lack of understanding may have a negative impact on the patron service experience of transgender patrons.

The research goals of the TX-Gender Project for Libraries project are:

  1. to assess the information seeking needs and behaviors of transgender library patrons in Texas; and
  2. to assess the understanding and awareness of Texas public services librarians of transgender issues.

This information will be deployed to develop a research-based resource for librarians on how to provide excellent patron services to transgender persons. Print and web-based resources will be made available to every library in Texas (approximately 10,000 according to Texas Library Association statistics). These resources will be designed to address gaps in librarians’ knowledge, as well as the expectations of the trans* community in terms of patron services and information resource needs. This one-year project will be conducted by staff at the University of North Texas Libraries, with the support and cooperation of the UNT Pride Alliance, and the Texas Library Association GLBT Roundtable.

To participate in the survey for public service librarians and staff, click this link.

To participate in the survey for transgender patrons, click this link.

Surveys will help us develop web and print resources to educate public service librarians in school, public, and university libraries to provide better patron services to transgender persons.  If you have any questions about the study, you may contact the primary investigator, Spencer Keralis at or visit the project website.

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