The University of North Texas Libraries' Dean's Innovation Grant, formerly known as the Green Light To Greatness Award, provides funding to research and projects within the UNT Libraries that promote scholarship and contribute to the gathering of knowledge that helps improve our libraries, our university, and the community.

Dean's Innovation Grant 2017 Awardees

​Chris Cunningham, Rebecca Brand, Emily Cornell

Project Title 

It's in the Bag: Creating Sustainability in the Faculty Book Delivery Service

Project Description 

Supporting sustainable practices is an important goal of the university as outlined in its mission statement and strategic planning. As our Faculty Delivery Service responds to greater demand, we are becoming more aware of the environmental impact our delivery materials (plastic poly mailers) have because they are neither recyclable nor reusable. Faculty members have expressed concerns about the long-tenn use of these materials, and some have opted out of using the service as a result. This application is being submitted to request funding to purchase reusable courier bags and to study and develop best practices for library delivery services.