The University of North Texas Libraries' Dean's Innovation Grant, formerly known as the Green Light To Greatness Award, provides funding to research and projects within the UNT Libraries that promote scholarship and contribute to the gathering of knowledge that helps improve our libraries, our university, and the community.

Dean's Innovation Grant 2017 Awardees

​Sara Outhier, David Huff, Lilly Ramin, Susan Smith, Harold Woodard, Candi Harris

Project Title 

Call and Response: Engaging with African American Male Students Through Culturally Relevant Music Resources

Project Description 

African American male students have the highest attrition rate.  In Fall 2017, a new living/learning community comprised of freshmen males will meet for a one-hour course focused on the African American experience in the United States examined through the lens of African American music. This demonstration project seeks to discover how librarians can work with faculty, students, and support services to support culturally relevant projects and assignments. Through working with this cohort of African American male students, we will add culturally relevant resources that will show students and others that the library can directly support topics of interest to them.