SocINDEX with Full Text via EBSCO is a great starting place for sociology research. It includes complete scholarly articles in PDF and HTML.
This tutorial will help you get started with how to access and search SocINDEX.

Here is an introduction on how to accesssearch and get help when using SocINDEX with Full Text via EBSCO



  • Here is an advanced search example. Once you are in the database, click the advanced search link under the search box, to get replicate this search.
    You can also use "AND" in basic search. 
  • Use keywords first then look at the Subject Terms on the left column of the screen.
  • Here is an example of what a search for: homeless persons (in SU Subject Terms) AND texas  

    To enlarge image, click the image below. Updated image January 2014. 


SocINDEX search example



  • You can refine results by: Full text (complete articles online in PDF or HTML format), Peer Reviewed, dates and more.
  • Email: Click on the title of an article and use the envelope icon to email it to yourself. Chose a preference for citation format before sending to get the citation.


  • Ask Us if you need assistance!  (email, phone, and in person at desk)
  • SocINDEX's EBSCOhost page has more information.