A tutorial on how to search iPoll for surveys. iPoll Databank provides over half a million surveys conducted by over 150 survey organizations.

Here is an introduction on how to accesssearch and get help when using iPoll DataBank:


  • From the library homepage or on the "Find" tab on any page, click on the "Databases" tab within the "Find" search box.
  • Select the letter "I" under the "Databases by Title" heading.
  • Scroll down and click on the name of the resource, "iPoll Databank".
  • If off campus, enter your EUID and Password. (For more, see: tips & tricks page)
  • You will then be taken to the advanced search of the resource.


The default search of the resource is an advanced search page. Here is an example of an Advanced Search:

iPoll Databank Screenshot

Limit your results: This resource allows you to limit the results you see by topic, organization, and date range.


For further help check out the iPoll Databank video tutorial.

Ask Us if you need assistance! (email, phone, and in person at a service desk)