Finding Reserve Materials

All reserve materials, including electronically available items, are listed in the UNT Library Catalog. To find reserve items:

  1. Go To: the UNT Library Catalog
  2. Click/Select: Course Reserves from the right-hand column.
  3. Search: by Course, Instructor's Name, or Title
  4. If Physical Item: Is the item a book, media, photocopy, or other material type that is available in a non-electronic format:
    1. Make a Note: Write down/remember the call number of the item and the Reserve Desk. 
    2. Take: the call number to the appropriate Reserve Desk.
    3. Make sure you understand the checkout periods and fines rates for reserves materials.
  5. If the item is available electronically: 
    1. Click/Select: the title needed
    2. Sign in: with your name, your EUID, your password, and the course password.
      The password must be given to you by the faculty member teaching the course. The library cannot provide you with the password.
    3. View: When the above information is entered correctly, you will see the PDF for the article.
    4. If you have additional articles to read, use the back button to return to the Library Catalog.
    5. When you are finished, please exit from the browser if you are using a public PC. This is to protect your personal information.