Credo Reference is a great starting spot for narrowing down a research topic. Credo's database has an A-Z topic listing, advanced search options, and directly links to UNT's catalog.

Here is an introduction on how to accesssearch and get help when using Credo Reference.


  • From the Libraries Home Page, click on the "Databases" tab of the search box.
  • In the search boxes provided, type in the word Credo in the first box |  "or...Go Directly to" Credo Reference" from the 2nd search box option by scrolling down to that phrase.
  • From the A-Z "Databases by Title" list, click on the letter C
  • Scroll down and click on the Credo Reference catalog result.
  • Click Connect to Credo reference”
  • If off campus, enter your EUID and Password (For help, see: tips & tricks page)
  • You will be then taken to the basic search page of Credo reference
  • (Optional) Click on the advanced search on the purple bar at the top for additional options


The default search of the resource is a basic search page

To go to the advanced search click on Advanced Search in the purple title bar running across the top of the page.

Example search: type gas drilling in the box after the phrase "With the exact phrase":

 - Click on the image below for a full-screen example -

Credo Screenshot

Limit your results: This resource lets you limit the results you see by: subject, entry type, media, person, and date.

 - Click on the image below for a full-screen example -


Email articles: To send articles to yourself: First click the Save icon by the articles you want to keep.  Then click the Saved Results option in the purple title bar running across the top of the page.  Options for Emailing, exporting to RefWorks, and choosing citation format are available there.

Concept Map: Click on Concept Map in the title bar to discover related subjects. This is an alternative search.


  • Ask Us if you need assistance!  (email, phone, and in person at desk)
Tutorial by K.Barnett & L.Ramin (last rev 8/23/15)