This tutorial gives you an overview of the call numbers of items in the Media Library. Please check the location designations in the Catalog because items in any classification may be located in areas other their official designation.

Overview of Items and Call Numbers


The film collection consists of over 25,000 educational, documentary, and feature films representing all genres of film.

Material Type Call Number
  • DVD
High-definition DVD
  • DVD xxx Blu-ray
  • DVD xxxxR
  • MV
12-inche video disc
  • LD
16mm Film
Motion picture film
  • MP


The video game collection consists of over 250 games for a variety of gaming systems.

Material Type Call Number
Sony Playstation video game
  • Game xxx PS3
Nintendo Wii video game
  • Game xxx Wii
Xbox video game
  • Game xxx Xbox 360
Nintendo DS portable video games
  • Game xxx DS
Sony Playstation portable video games
  • Game xxx PSP


Online Media

Material Type Call Number
Video on Demand
Online media licensed for UNT student and staff use.Titles also available at
  • Video on Demand
Online Video Database
Online media in a subscription database
  • zwww
Online Media (free)
Online media not hosted or subscribed to by UNT Libraries
  • N/A



The audiobook collection consists of over 1,000 unabridged fiction and non-fiction recorded books in digital, CD, audiocassette, and LP formats.

Material Type Call Number
Digital Audiobook (Playaway)
All-in-one player with pre-loaded audio digital content
Compact Disc Audiobook ACD
Audiocassette Audiobook Ph-Tape
LP Audiobook
12-inch vinyl record

Other Media

Material Type Call Number
35mm slides Slide
Roll of 35mm film with still images FS
Computer software and programs on CD CD-ROM

Additional Information

  • Media library Items are held in closed stacks. Requests for items must be made to the Media Service Desk.
  • Some Items may be located in Remote Storage and must be requested through the Material Delivery Service.