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Yes, up until fifteen minutes before the Willis Library Services Desk closes. The contact phone number is (940) 565-2414.

Yes, anyone may pay your fine.

Please fill out our UNT Libraries Fine Dispute Form. If you have any questions about the form, please contact our Library Services Desk at (940) 565-2414 or visit in person on the 1st floor of Willis Library.

Fines can be paid in person at the Library Services Desk located on the 1st floor of Willis Library, by mail, or by phone at 940-565-2414. For more details, please visit the Paying Fines page.

Try to absorb all of the moisture by blotting with paper towels. Even if it is a small spill, it is important that the book receive treatment as soon as possible in order to prevent mold growth, page blocking (pages sticking together permanently), and warping. If you can't return the book to the library immediately, stand the book up and fan out the pages so that it can air dry. Bring it to the Willis Library Services Desk as soon as possible; do not put it in the book drop. Do not seal it in a plastic bag, as this can encourage mold growth. You may be charged a fine for damaging the book, but if you bring it to the Library as soon as possible, the Preservation Unit can minimize the damage.

Yes. Fines for reserve items are higher than other regular circulating items.

Overdue notices are sent to your UNT email address when items are 10 days and 30 days overdue. Courtesy notices are sent by email 3 days before items are due. See: General Information about Fines Assessment