The UNT Libraries are working to build collections that document the experiences of the LGBT community. In 2012 the university acquired the Resource Center Collection of LGBT History, formerly known as the Phil Johnson Archive. This collection is processed and housed in UNT special collections. This survey is aimed at improving tools for people doing research in the field of LGBT history.

University of North Texas Institutional Review Board

Informed Consent Form

Before agreeing to participate in this research study, it is important that you read and understand the following explanation of the purpose, benefits and risks of the study and how it will be conducted. 

Title of Study: 

User Experience Study of Library Tools for LGBT Special Collections


William Hicks, Associate Librarian, University of North Texas (UNT), University Libraries, User Interfaces


Morgan Gieringer, Associate Librarian, University of North Texas (UNT), University Libraries, Special Libraries

Purpose of the Study:

You are being asked to participate in a research study that involves websites and related research systems managed by the UNT Libraries. The Resource Center Collection is currently the most frequently used archival collection at the UNT libraries and archiving LGBT History in the southwest is a collection development priority for our institution. An important aspect of modern web design includes talking to users and gathering feedback about the sites and services that seek to address their needs. By targeting subject matter specialists and non-specialists, as well as novice and expert researchers, we hope to identify ways to improve the user experience for all potential users of our sites and services.

Study Procedures:

You will be asked twelve survey questions consisting of checkboxes, select fields, and text inputs. The study will take roughly ten to fifteen minutes of your time. 

Foreseeable Risks:


Benefits to the Subjects or Others:

The Investigator seeks to make changes to the design and features associated with online archival websites and discovery systems and to publish/present to other archivist and library technology staff that manage similar systems. By providing information about your expectations and needs, you are offering insight into how such systems should perform in future iterations. Subjects who use the systems in the future may find them easier to use, or more responsive to their individual needs, thanks to your contributions.

Compensation for Participants:

After submitting your survey results you will have the option of providing contact details in a secondary form. By entering your information on this form you will eligible for a random give away  for one of two $50.00 gift cards to an online merchant.

Procedures for Maintaining Confidentiality of Research Records:

Your survey responses will not be tied to any identifying information other than a machine generated Study ID Code. Any personal identification information you provide in the form such as names, locations, personal anecdotes, and other information that could be used to identify you or another individual will be removed, paraphrased, or aliased by the study administrators. Where possible, qualitative responses will be coded in publishable literature. If you provide contact information to us, it will be stored in a separate locked file. You contact information is not associated with your response data.

Questions about the Study:

If you have any questions about the study, you may contact Morgan Gieringer & William Hicks at or 

Review for the Protection of Participants:

This research study has been reviewed and approved by the UNT Institutional Review Board (IRB).  The UNT IRB can be contacted at (940) 565-3940 with any questions regarding the rights of research subjects.

Research Participants’ Rights:

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  • You understand why the study is being conducted and how it will be performed. 
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