Join the UNT Libraries and the UNT Pride Alliance for Queer Zine Week! This webchat features Jennifer Hecker, Founder of the Austin Fanzine Project

The Austin Fanzine Project started as a relatively straightforward digitization and transcription project  intended to improve access to the documents of a recently-historical subculture – the Austin, Texas underground music scene of the 1990s. The project has blossomed into a sandbox for creative experimentation with digital archives and digital humanities methods and tools. To date the project volunteers have digitized fanzines and posted the resulting downloadable files; researched digital archives best practices and crafted project policies; experimented with crowd-sourced transcription and indexing using new open-source software; and explored ways to virtually visualize the connections in real-life communities via maps, e-books, and audio tours. The digitized material has already proved useful for a variety of uses including, most recently, a collaboration with the Early Modern OCR Project.

The webchat is free and open to the public, you can join us in person at UNT, or join us online. Click here to register to attend online!

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Visitors to campus, be sure get info on parking at UNT!


Friday, April 3, 2015 - 2:00pm


Willis Library