Tech Talks Discussion Facilitated by the Staff of the UNT Libraries' Multimedia Development Lab, September 19, 2007


The new library Web site was launched in August 2007.  While the overall feedback on this CMS-driven Web site has been very positive, there is always space left for improvement.  In this Tech Talk, library staff from various units brought valuable input, user comments, and suggestions for refinement to the discussion.

The core discussions were focused on three issues:

  1. The Library Hours page lacks the functionality to print the hours of all units at once.
  2. The Libraries' Web site lacks a prominent "Back to UNT Libraries Home" link from the top global navigation of the following systems:  Libraries' Web site, Library Catalog, Electronic Resources, and Digital Collections.
  3. There is a lack of integrity between the title "Tell Us How We Are Doing" and its page content.

The Multimedia Development Lab team will look into these issues and, based on staff suggestions, make improvements to the site.

About the Author:  Librarian Zhiqin (Neena) Weng is the unit head of the UNT Libraries' Multimedia Development Lab.