Speaking Notes from a Tech Talks Presentation by Mark Phillips, August 23, 2006


Say you have a bunch of unconnected databases -- a phone directory, a products catalog, a press release archive -- and each of these have their own search engine.

A search feature on a large site or portal that will present just one search interface to the user and act as an intermediary to all the search features on all the other information stores (be they Databases, Stored Documents, Web Pages, et. al.)  A Federated Search feature is composed of the entire system used to:

  1. deploy searches across these disparate information stores

  2. collect and collate the responses from these disparate systems

  3. present the results in a single list back to the user



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About the Author:  Librarian Mark Phillips is head of the UNT Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - 12:00pm