Speaking Notes from a Tech Talks Presentation by Nancy Reis, December 7, 2005


What Is flickrTM?


Getting Started With flickrTM

  • Creating an account: free or pro?
  • Uploading photographs
  • Setting permissions
    • Public or Private?
    • Copyright or Creative Commons?
  • Tagging
  • Organizing/sets


  • Prints and Enlargements
  • Posters and Photobooks
  • Stamps

Participating in the Community

  • Commenting
  • Making notes
  • Tagging
  • Making Contacts
  • Joining Groups
  • Forums
  • FlickrTM Mail
  • Blocking
  • Learning from EXIF Data

Partaking of the Visual Feast

Fooling Around With flickrTM

Stuff I Didn't Tell You About

About the Author:  Library Associate Nancy Reis works for the UNT Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.