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Call Numbers Beginning with Letters  |  Call Numbers Beginning with Number 

Call Numbers Beginning with Letters

Call Number Current Location
A - AZ Willis Library, 3rd Floor
B - BX Willis Library, 3rd Floor
C Willis Library, 3rd Floor
CMC (Curriculum Materials Collection) Willis Library, 3rd Floor
D - DU Willis Library, 3rd Floor
E - F Willis Library, 3rd Floor
G - GF Eagle Commons Library
GN - GV Willis Library, 3rd Floor
H Willis Library, 3rd Floor
HA - HJ Eagle Commons Library
HM - HX Willis Library, 3rd Floor
J - JX Eagle Commons Library
J (Juvenile) Willis Library, 3rd Floor
K - KX Eagle Commons Library
L - LJ Willis Library, 3rd Floor
M - MT (Music) Willis Library, 4th Floor
Microfilms (Microforms) Remote Storage
N - NX Willis Library, 3rd Floor
P - PZ Willis Library, 3rd Floor
Q Willis Library, 3rd Floor
QA76 - QA76.9 Discovery Park Library, Room B112
QB - T Willis Library, 3rd Floor
TA, TE - TL, TS Discovery Park Library, Room B112
TxD (Texas Documents) Eagle Commons Library, Main Floor
U - VM Willis Library, 3rd Floor
Z Check the UNT Library Catalog

Please note:

  1. Check location designations in the UNT Library Catalog because items in any classification may be located in areas other their official designation.
  2. Any call number containing a ":" or a "/" is a Government Document.  The item may be located on the 3rd floor of Willis Library or the Libraries Remote Storage.  Please check the UNT Library Catalog for the exact location.
  3. Specific locations for call numbers beginning with "Periodical" will be found in the UNT Library Catalog.  They will be shelved alphabetically with their location.
  4. Call numbers for Media Library materials and Audio Center materials are not listed here.  Specific locations can be found in the UNT Library Catalog.
  5. This list is provided for information purposes only.  Locations for specific items will be listed in the UNT Library Catalog.
  6. Specific items located in Remote Storage should be requested through the Library Material Delivery Service.

Call Numbers Beginning with Number

Call Number Location
000 - 999 Remote Storage

Please Note:

  1. Check location designations in the UNT Library Catalog because an item in any classification may be located in areas other than the designated location. Call numbers that begin with numbers (Dewey Decimal classification) are in the process of being reclassed (as of Fall 2010) to the Library of Congress system.  During this transition period, if you do not find a book with a Dewey call number on the shelf in the location desginated by the online system , inquire at the Circulation  Desk about availability.
  2. This list is for information purposes only and not for specific book locations.
  3. Specific items from Remote Storage can be retrieved using the Library Material Delivery Service.