Willis Library

The renovated Lower Level of Willis Library is a designated quiet space with comfortable, individual study stations.

Located on the 2nd floor of Willis near the elevators, Library staff frequently use this room for meetings with UNT Faculty and Strategic Partners. This room can be reserved by UNT students during evening and weekend hours.

  • Seats: 14
  • Amenities: Staff/Teaching/Presenter station, Fixed seating, Whiteboard
  • Technology: PC, Wireless mouse/keyboard, Projector, Conference phone, Webcam for use with Panopto

Our general collection of books is located on Willis Library's 3rd Floor. This (sometimes) quiet floor has study tables, casual seating, and 24 Commons computer workstations.

Located on the 3rd floor of Willis Library, 340 is a large classroom used for UNT classes, presentations, and group study. Faculty, staff, and students can reserve this classroom.

  • Seats: 30
  • Amenities: Staff/Teaching/Presenter station, Open/mobile seating, Mobile whiteboard
  • Technology: PC, Projector, HDMI, Microphone, Webcam for use with Panopto

Looking for the Music Library or Special Collections? This is the place. This is a quiet floor with a mix of study carrels, study tables, casual seating, computer workstations, and music keyboards.  On this Floor:

Located on the 4th floor of Willis, the Edna Mae Sandborn Music Reading Room houses the Music Library's core collection of rare scores and books about music and acts as both a reading room for music researchers and an exhibit space for special events and occasional music performances.

  • Seats: 8
  • Amenities: Reading table, Comfortable chairs

Located on the 4th floor of Willis, the Sarah T. Hughes Reading Room regularly hosts exhibits offered by Special Collections. This is the primary space used to do research with physical items from the collections that are rare or fragile.

Located on the 4th floor of Willis Library, 429 is a small classroom used for presentations and group study. Faculty, staff, and students can reserve this classroom.

  • Seats: 14
  • Amenities: Staff/Teaching/Presenter station, Mobile seating
  • Technology: PC, Projector, HDMI/VGA, Microphone, Webcam for use with Panopto/Capture HD

Discovery Park Library

Discovery Park B135 is a collaborative and learning space for faculty, staff, and students. This room includes The Nest @ Discovery Park Library with six VR capable PCs and moveable tables for individual study or group work.  

The room may be reserved for one-time use by faculty for student oriented gaming, game design and workshops by contacting the Discovery Park Library at discoveryparklibrary@unt.edu. Two-week mandatory advance notice is needed to reserve the room for events, and requests will be considered on an individual basis. This room is not intended for extended events. Students can reserve individual stations at any time through the online reservation system.

  • Seats: 24
  • Amenities:  Presenter station, Open/mobile seating and tables, Whiteboard
  • Technology: Presenter PC, projector, 6 Dell Aurora VR-Capable gaming PCs equipped with Oculus Rift headset, Leap motion controller, and 3d mouse