Willis Library

Located on the 1st floor of Willis Library, the UNT Libraries' makerspace, The Factory promotes the cooperative and creative use of technology. The space is used to provide the UNT community with access to equipment, software, and training to promote innovative, cross-disciplinary learning.

  • Seats: 12-16
  • Amenities: Workshop seating, Fabrication workstations
  • Technology & Materials: Audio/visual equipment, Electronics, Programming, Prototyping, 3D Printing, Die & laser cutting, Sewing machines, Weaving looms, Hand/electric tools, and Reference materials.

Located on the 1st floor of Willis, The Forum is a large and open space designed to host lecture series, presentations, and other group discussions.

  • Seats: 130 - 150 (see details page)
  • Amenities: Staff/Teaching/Presenter station, PC, Open/mobile seating, Panelist tables, Buffet/food tables
  • Technology: Projector/AirMedia, VGA/HDMI, Microphone, Ceiling Mounted Webcam for use with Skype/Panopto

Located on the 4th floor of Willis, the Edna Mae Sandborn Music Reading Room houses the Music Library's core collection of rare scores and books about music and acts as both a reading room for music researchers and an exhibit space for special events and occasional music performances.

  • Seats: 8
  • Amenities: Reading table, Comfortable chairs

Located on the 4th floor of Willis, the Sarah T. Hughes Reading Room regularly hosts exhibits offered by Special Collections. This is the primary space used to do research with physical items from the collections that are rare or fragile.