Website Development

The User Interfaces Unit provides web development services to the UNT Libraries and their partners both at UNT and beyond the UNT community.

Please contact for consultation and new request instruction. We may contact you via email for more information. All request will be created and tracked in our project management system, and project requestor(s) will be able to log in and see the status your requests.

Lib-TACO and UI will initiate a technical requirements review to ensure that the requested project can be hosted successfully. This will include looking at the type of content, any functionality required by the site, storage requirements, traffic requirements, etc. 

After the project request has been approved on the technical aspect by UI and Lib-TACO, the request will be forwarded for approval by the Libraries' admin council member(s). After all technical requirements and approval chains are satisfied, the project will be launched, and the requester(s) will be given an estimated timeline for completion.