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Binding & Repair

The Preservation Department can bind materials for other University of North Texas departments if the materials are for university use. Personal items cannot be sent to our commercial binder through UNT, although the Preservation Department does offer an in-house binding and repair service to the community.

UNT Departments

In the past we have bound:

  • Theses.
  • Dissertations.
  • Meeting minutes.
  • The NT Daily.

About The Binding Process

  • Contact: If you need materials bound for your department, please contact the Binding Supervisor.
  • Submission of IDOs: You will be asked to provide an IDO, which can be obtained from Purchasing and Payments Services website.
  • Costs: Preservation charges $10.00 for regular items such as dissertations and journals. $44.00 is charged to bind each volume of the NT Daily. These prices include compensation for Preservation processing these materials.
  • Preparation: When you are ready to send the items to Preservation for binding, make sure the materials are in the exact order in which they should be bound. The commercial bindery will bind volumes in the manner they receive them.
  • Disclaimer: The Preservation Department is not responsible for absorbing the cost of materials that are bound incorrectly.

Personal Items

The Preservation Department offers an in-house binding and repair service to the community.

Service Price
Deacidification = $0.30/ft2
Encapsulation = $1.00/ft2 of Mylar
Repair torn pages = $0.25/tear
Recase = $20
Repair sewing and recase = $25 and up (depending on the extent of sewing needed)
Reback = $15
Repair sewing and reback = $20 and up (depending on the extent of sewing needed)
Phasebox = $10
Clamshell case = $50
Clamshell case with shelf and drawer = $75