Scholarly Communications Outreach

The UNT Libraries Scholarly Communication Office offers classroom visits, faculty or department presentations, workshops and sponsored events on a variety of topics related to scholarly communication, including:

  • Scholarly Writing
  • Academic publishing
  • Editing & peer review
  • Copyright & authors' rights
  • Managing research data and funding agency requirements
  • Open Access, Open Education Resources, and Open Textbooks
  • Intellectual freedom & censorship

We also maintain a number of online resources on these topics, and will be happy to set up an appointment with any of our librarians to discuss your publishing projects or other questions you might have about the scholarly communication environment. 


Class Visits

We can schedule a brief (15-20 min.) overview of our resources and services, or a longer discussion of any of the topics above that might be of interest to particular faculty, students, or staff.

We also offer a "Don't Cancel That Class" workshop, "Introduction to Scholarly Communication,"  through the UNT Learning Center for faculty who would like to schedule one while they're away at a conference or other event. 

These workshops and class visits are ideally suited to graduate classes or upper-level undergraduate classes with a significant research or publication component (such as a thesis or conference presentation). 


Faculty Presentations

We're also happy to do presentations or workshops for faculty or departments that might be interested in learning about our services or discussing particular issues in scholarly communication such as publication opportunities, editing & peer review practices, author rights, or data management. 

If you would like to schedule a visit from one of our librarians, please contact: John Martin, Scholarly Communication Librarian,


Scholarly Communication Workshop Series:

The UNT Libraries Scholarly Communication Office and the UNT Digital Library host a series of workshops designed to introduce researchers to some of the central issues in scholarly communication and to the services that the Libraries provide.

This series is open to all UNT faculty, students, and staff who want to learn more about scholarly publishing, copyright, open access repositories, and other topics related to transformations in scholarly communication.

All workshops will be held in the Willis Library (see room numbers below).

Coffee & pastries will be provided.

Schedule of Workshops for Spring 2017:

  • January 27, 10am – 11:30am, Willis 250H: Introduction to Scholarly Communication
    An overview of the system of scholarly communication and the roles of researchers, publishers, and librarians. Addresses some of the current issues & trends in scholarly communication and invites attendees to discuss their own perspectives on these issues.
  • February 24, 10am – 11:30am, Willis 140:  Fair Use and Copyright Law
    An introduction to “fair use” best practices with a focus on copyrighted material in the classroom and in your own work, followed by a discussion of other copyright concerns of authors and creators.
  • March 24, 10am – 11:30am, Willis 250H:  UNT Scholarly Works
    An introduction to scholarly research repositories at UNT and the issues of preservation, access, and sharing. We will explore the ways repositories can be used to increase the audience, impact, and usability of your research.
  • April 28, 10 am– 11:30am, Willis 250H:  Scholarly Publishing
    A broad discussion of challenges & opportunities in scholarly publication brought about by transformations in publishing models, digital scholarship, open access, research repositories, and author’s rights & licensing.

If you have questions, please contact John Martin, Scholarly Communication Librarian, at: 


Sponsored or Co-sponored Events

Open Textbook Network Workshop,Thursday, February 9, 2017

A two-hour workshop for faculty, introducing them to open textbook alternatives that may help combat the high cost of textbooks. The workshop will be led by David Ernst, creator of the University of Minnesota’s Open Textbook Library, and Sarah Cohen, Managing Director of the Open Textbook Network, and will offer an opportunity to review open textbooks in a variety of disciplines. 

Editor's Roundtable (Spring and Fall)

Twice a year, the UNT Libraries and UNT Press co-host an open lunch meeting for any scholars at UNT involved in editing a journal, book series, or other publication—or considering doing so—to share their experiences and learn about best practices. To receive announcements of future meetings, please contact

Open Access Symposium (End of Spring Semester)

An annual symposium sponsored by UNT on topics relevant to Open Access initiatives. UNT's Open Acccess Symposium 2017 will be held on May 18-19, 2017 at the University of North Texas New College at Frisco. 

Data Day (End of Fall and Spring Semesters)

Preserve your Data! Stop by our information table with your flash drive to deposit your data on the spot. Our Repository and Scholarly Communication librarians will be available for consultations on: data sharing, data preservation, copyright, licensing, open access, research funding agency requirements, and data management plans.


Other Scholarly Communication Resources

Below are links to some of the web-pages and guides maintained by the Scholarly Communication Office. Please feel free to share these with your students or colleagues.


Scholarly Communication Librarians

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or any special requests for presentations, workshops, or resources.

Kevin Hawkins, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communication,

Dr. John Edward Martin, Scholarly Communication Librarian,