Media 111C Screening Room

About 111C

The Screening room is a media-equipped group room that will accommodate from 40 - 50 viewers. The room may be reserved for one-time use by instructors wishing to screen media materials to their classes or by a group of students as a study space.

Space Use

  • The 111C Screening Room is not booked for protracted periods of time or for regularly/frequently occurring events and it cannot be used as regular classroom meeting space.
  • It is the responsibility of the instructor or designated representative to retrieve the video/DVD from the Media Library for use in the screening room.
  • Media Library staff will be responsible to open and lock 111C, and to assist the instructor to turn on media equipment if needed.

Public Performance Rights (PPR)

If you are screening a film in 111C, you must determine if PPR are needed. If your specific use does require PPR and you have not obtained this permission, the Media Library will revoke your room reservation. Use the below chart to help determine if PPR is needed for your event. You can read about how to obtain PPR or search for films in our collection that already have them at this page:  Public Performance Rights. Please contact the Head, Media Library for more information. 


PPR is not needed PPR must be obtained More information is needed


If an instructor is using 111C to host an officially scheduled class. The attendees are all officially enrolled students in the course and the film being shown is directly related to the course.


If a small group of students are gathering to watch and discuss a film assignment for class. All attendee must be enrolled in the class; unenrolled students or friends are not included.


If you are the copyright holder of the film being shown. For example, members of a film club screening films they have produced themselves.


If the screening is open to the public or advertised in anyway.


Film screening sponsored by student groups or clubs must license Public Performance Rights, even if attendees are limited to group members.


If a film is being screened as part of an official class but non-enrolled students or members of the public are invited, Public Performance Rights must be licensed.

If you are presenting an educational lecture and film clips are incorporated for the purpose of commentary or criticism, you may have a Fair Use. Please visit the UNT Libraries Copyright Basics site for resource that will help you determine if your use if “fair”.

Reserving 111Cā€‹

Damage to Non-Media Library Items

  • The Media Library keeps its equipment in good working order and is not responsible for damage to personal tapes or materials from outside sources.

Food & Drink Info

  • "Leave No Trace" Foods. No messy, greasy, or odorous foods that may damage library material and furniture or be offensive or distracting to others. Only drinks in covered containers are allowed.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Users are responsible for any damage to library property and equipment caused by food and drink. 

Equipment Within Room

  • Blu-Ray Player (plays regular DVDs too)
  • VHS Player
  • LaserDisc Player
  • PC Computer
  • HDMI and VGA inputs

All components are connected to an HD projector and display on a wall screen.