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What are Reserves?

  • The UNT Libraries holds and distributes materials for faculty members as required or recommended reading for their courses. These materials are placed at a reserve desk within the libraries or are made available online and can include books, articles, chapters of books, sample tests, homework solutions, videos, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Materials on reserves may be owned by either the libraries or the faculty member placing the item on reserves.
  • Periodical volumes, reference materials, and non-circulating books are not placed on reserve.
  • A limited number of materials, unrelated to courses, may also be placed on reserves at the discretion of libraries personnel.
  • Government Documents, Special Materials, and Maps, which tend to be rare, delicate, or in high demand, have a more limited check-out period than those items in the general collection, and the fine rate is much higher.


Although we do not have copies of all the course textbooks, we do have many that have been placed on reserve by instructors or are part of the UNT Library collection. To determine if your textbook is on reserve, please go to our Find Course Reserve page or you may search for the title in the library catalog.

Locations of Reserve Desks

  • Art, Science, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences: Located at the Library Services Desk, 1st floor, Willis Library.
  • Music: Located at the Music Library Service Desk, and certain study carrels in the Music Library, 4th floor,Willis Library.
  • Engineering, library and information sciences, computer science, and materials science: Located at the Discovery Park Library Service Desk.
  • Government Documents, Maps: Located at the Eagle Commons Library Service Desk, Sycamore Hall.
  • Media: Regardless of the course being taught, Media (motion pictures, slides, videos, videogames, etc.) reserve materials are located at the Media Library Services Desk, Chilton Hall.
  • UNT Dallas Center: Video reserve items for courses taught at the UNT Dallas Center are housed at the UNT Dallas Center Circulation Desk. Other reserve material should be in electronic form.

For Faculty: Placing Items on Reserves.

Online Reserve Items

A number of items on reserves are available as digital copies and have special access restrictions in place.

  • Digital Copies of articles, book excerpts, and other written materials are found in the reserves section of the library catalog. Once you have located an item that is available in digital format, you must follow the provided login instructions.
  • Digital Audio Materials: Can be accessed via the Digital Audio Reserves System.
  • Video Materials: Can be access via the Video on Demand System.