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Surviving the Summer Heat

In fiction and in reality, thematic conflict can be divided into four major categories: (1) man versus man; (2) man versus self; (3) man versus society; and (4) man versus nature. Living in the United States, a country which--for the most part--does not require a robust knowledge of practical survival skills, we focus on our internal battles, our political rivalries. It is easy to dismiss nature as a force we have conquered. 

As our planet warms, however, and as it becomes increasingly crucial that we reside not discordantly but harmoniously with the natural world, skills such as building a fire or distinguishing a poisonous plant from a medicinal plant are essential. To weigh the balance in your favor, check out a wilderness survival guide or stream the harrowing journey of loss and discovery in the Grand Canyon. In the words of Tolkien, there is nothing like looking if you want to find something...

"What is man in nature? Nothing in relation to the infinite, all in relation to nothing, a mean between nothing and everything." - Blasie Pascal 

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Mountaineering Adventures     Leading at the Edge     The Wealth of Nature     William Boyd Dawkins and the Victorian Science of Cave Hunting     Wilderness Survival

Field Guide to Mushrooms     Scavengers     Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada     Wilderness Secrets Revealed     In the Zone


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The Martian     This Way of Life     Wild     Make Prayers to the Raven     Full Circle

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Bush Mechanics     Chasing Shackleton     RAT     The Wall     Lost in the Grand Canyon

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