Need to find an article and not quite sure where to start?

Find Articles is the default search feature on the UNT Libraries’ website. Find Articles is a discovery tool that searches over 92% of the libraries’ databases at once. Students and faculty alike can benefit from using Find Articles in their library research. Watch this series of video tutorials to learn more about how to utilize all of the features of Find Articles, to easily locate and save relevant research articles.

Accessing the workshops

Viewers will be directed to log into Blackboard with their euid and euid passwords.

Items in this Series

  1. What is Find Articles? What are the best situations in which to use Find Articles? Watch this video to find out.

  2. Since Find Articles searches almost all of the UNT Libraries’ databases, performing a basic search can produce lots of results. This video tutorial describes ways to quickly narrow your search results down to a manageable amount.

  3. When you know the title of an article, but do not know how to locate the article, try searching Find Articles. This video tutorial will show you how to effectively search by title in Find Articles.

  4. When you know the author of an article, but do not know the article’s title, try searching in Find Articles. This video tutorial will show you how to identify all articles by an author within Find Articles.

  5. This video tutorial describes how to best use subject terms to refine your search, and locate the most relevant results possible for your research needs

  6. If you need to find an article, for which you have only a partial citation, try Find Articles.   This video tutorial demonstrates how to easily locate articles, even when you are missing pieces of the article citation. 

  7. Once your Find Articles search has produced useful results, you will need to find the full text for those results.  This video provides instructions for locating the full text articles. 

  8. You can use Find Articles to email article citations to your own email account.  Watch this video to learn how to save citations and email them.

  9. Find Articles can export directly to RefWorks.  Watch this video to learn more about the bibliographic management tool, RefWorks, and how to export citations directly from Find Articles to RefWorks.