The UNT Libraries Scholarly Publishing Services offer:

  • Aquiline Books: publishing works of scholarship from the UNT community
  • Editors’ Roundtable: supporting members of the UNT community in their publishing endeavors
  • individual consultations on publishing projects and on navigating the changing world of academic publishing (please contact us for more information)

We use editing, design, and other services from freelancers and vendors to produce works under the Aquiline Books and for other publishing projects. Please see our call for freelancers and vendors.

We gladly accept donations, which are eligible for deduction from US federal income taxes according to IRS guidelines, to help offset the cost of publishing the results of research at UNT.

In addition, the UNT Libraries provide other services to help members of the UNT community disseminate the results of their research:

The UNT Libraries are a founding member of the Library Publishing Coalition.