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Victorian Bookbinding

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Patterned Covers

Patterned cloth was the first type of embossing used for cloth covers.

The Rambler in North America

Latrobe, Charles Joseph. The Rambler in North America, MDCCCXXXII-MDCCCXXXIII. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1835.



Hetty Baker; or, Proud and Humble. Philadelphia: American Sunday School Union, 1859.

Hetty Baker, or Proud and Humble



Winged Thoughts

Bacon, M. A. Winged Thoughts. London: Longman & Co., 1851.


The binding is designed by Owen Jones and is different on front, spine, and back. It was executed by the firm of Remnant and Edmonds, and was created with “relievo” binding, where the design is embossed in leather in relief.          


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