24hr Student Computing Center @ the Library Printing Guidelines

The 24 hour Student Computing Center @ the Library currently runs seven HP LaserJet 9050s printers. The following applies to printing in the SCC:

  • Printing will be provided only to UNT students as it relates to their coursework. Internet printing counts only as coursework if the SCC manager is made aware of the nature of the course from which the print job has been assigned. Students are responsible for knowing how many pages an Internet document contains before the print job is executed.
  • There is a 20 page limit per print job. Printing should be limited to final draft quality for document submission. Multiple copies of the same print job are not allowed. Print jobs are considered the same if most of the original printed page is intact. If caught abusing this policy, you will not be allowed to have but one copy.
  • Large print jobs (i.e. thesis or dissertation) must be cleared with the lab manager and must be limited to one final copy. Lab managers will document printing policy abusers and share that information with other lab managers. Large print jobs should be printed during off-peak hours, evenings, or weekends.
  • Only work which falls under UNT guidelines for meeting the degree requirements for all courses taken may be printed in General Access Computer Labs.
  • Students will be allowed to make one printout per document on the laser printer.
  • Lab managers have the authority to restrict printing and/or access from any user who abuses printing policies.
  • Lab Managers have the authority to grant special printing requests.
  • Material that is not course related may be confiscated. If this is not the case, a homework assignment, course book, or related syllabus may be presented and your printout released. Excessive printing may result in future increases in student fees.
  • All documents will be printed duplex (on both sides) by default. This can be changed if necessary.
  • Print jobs will only be relinquished to a patron if in compliance with University Policies.

Please note:

  • Class notes, course instructions, and Web-based course materials should not be printed in the labs. These materials should be printed by your instructor using departmental resources and handed out in class.
  • All Blackboard & Web-based course materials must be printed duplex (double-sided).
  • All Blackboard & Web-based PowerPoint slides must be printed at least three slides per page. Lab personnel can assist in setting this up.
  • Color printing is available for a fee
  • Copiers both color and black & white are available in the facility for a fee