Three Questions with Giselle Greenidge

headshot of a smiling woman with brown hair

Ms. Giselle Greenidge is a doctoral student and Teaching Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of North Texas. Her major concentration is Global and Comparative Sociology and her minor concentration is Social Stratification. She earned master’s degrees in Behavioral Science and Merchandising. Her research interests include culture, globalization, and immigration. 

Game On! Retro Games Night

Game On! is an open gaming event hosted monthly at the Media Library. Students, staff, faculty, and anyone in the community are all welcome! Each event focuses on a different aspect of gaming –– from classic tabletop games to the latest VR titles –– but everything we have to offer is available to you at each Game On! event. PC and console stations are open for you to play at with all of our newest titles as well as our older collections.

First Flight - Game On!

Are you an incoming freshman looking to meet new people on campus and get acquainted with your campus library? Tackle two birds with one stone ahead of classes with a couple of fun events hosted by UNT Libraries in August.

As part of our annual First Flight events, UNT Libraries will host Game On and Escape the Library each day from August 20-23.