Monthly Spotlight: Our World Oceans

In a word: it's too hot this summer.

The best solution is to wade in a pool all day. Since we all have jobs or things to do, the next best solution is to talk about water long enough until you naturally cool off. Since World Ocean Day came and went in early June, we at UNT Libraries considered this a great time to dive into (get it?) our vast resources on the oceans around our little world. 

The UNT Special Collections 2018 Research Fellowship Awardee - Agatha Beins

woman looking at camera

Agatha Beins teaches in the Department of Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies at Texas Woman's University. Her book Liberation in Print: Feminist Periodicals and Social Movement Identity analyzes US feminist newsletters and newspapers published in the 1970s. In addition to her interest in feminist print cultures, she writes and teaches about the relationship between art and activism, feminist pedagogies, the institutionalization of women's studies, and food studies. She also serves as editor for the online, open access journal Films for the Feminist Classroom.

The UNT Special Collections 2018 Research Fellowship Awardee - Evelyn Montgomery

woman looking at camera
Dr. Evelyn Montgomery is the Director of Curatorial Affairs at Dallas Heritage Village, an outdoor museum that contains two of the cabins recorded by Dr. Jordan. She holds degrees in architecture and history, with a particular interest in American houses and domestic life, particularly for Victorians and on the frontier. She frequently presents on these subjects to both academic and popular audiences. She supports historic preservation through volunteer efforts, service on the Dallas Landmark Commission, and the maintenance and interpretation of the buildings of Dallas Heritage Village.