Welcome, UNT Students!

Looking for a job on campus? Want to gain work experience to develop your professional resume?

Come work at the library! We have many student assistant positions available on the Eagle Careers site.

Working for the library is a great way to develop a variety of workplace skills and no previous library experience is required. Students will apply through UNT Handshake, and we've created a step-by-step guide to getting your application sent off and seen by the library search committee.

UNT Handshake tips

What you’ll need:
  • A computer and access to the internet
  • Resume
  • Application to upload 
  • Copy of your class schedule
  • Cover letter which addresses the job description
  • Any other required documents or items as noted in the official job posting 
Let's Get Started!
  1. Go to the UNT Handshake site.
  2. Select “Active UNT Students Login Here” and sign in with your EUID and Password



  1. Select "Jobs" at the top of the screen.



  1. Search “Libraries”  in the search box and click on the “part-time” and “on-campus” filters. All jobs in the libraries should be visible now.



  1. Click on the job that appeals most to you.
  2. Be sure to read the job description before choosing to apply!
  3. To apply, select the green "apply" button to the right of the application deadline.



  1. An "Apply to University of North Texas - Student Employment" window should pop up that will allow you to upload your application materials. 
  • We strongly recommend using the "upload new" button to upload your customized materials that address your specific job description.
  • TIP: Materials specifically tailored to address job advertisements and descriptions may help bump you to the top of the list.



  1. Once your materials have uploaded to the system, select "submit application."
  2. And now you have completed applying through Handshake!
Other Things To Note

Many job postings for library positions require you to provide additional application materials like work samples (i.e. writing samples, videos, and graphic design portfolios). These should be included in your emailed applications.

Once you have applied in Handshake and sent a copy of all requested materials to the search committee, you will have completed the application process for your desired position! Congratulations! Go have some lunch or something. 

Search committees may notify you of your application status through handshake or email, so be sure to check both places often.