film stills and titles from engineering case studies collectionLearn what caused disasters like Chernobyl, the Challenger and even the Titanic! Engineering Case Studies Online is a a comprehensive and authoritative resource to provide in-depth, impartial analysis of key engineering failures. Content is displayed alongside targeted learning objects designed to facilitate detailed understanding of the causes and impact of these failures. Materials in the collection include video documentaries of major failures, simulations, primary footage of accidents, as well as discussions of key engineering ethics, concepts and cases. The collection provides in-depth coverage for more than 50 of the most frequently taught and seminal case studies around the world.

The PBS Video Collection assembles hundreds of the greatest documentary films and series from the history of the Public Broadcasting Service. This collection has 245 titles covering many educational disciplines, including history, science and technology, diversity studies, business, and current events. It provides access to the films and series we know and trust, including: Frontline, NOVA, American Experience, Odyssey, and films by Ken Burns and Michael Wood.