These charts provide data from the 2011 survey only.

The LibQUAL+® survey includes twenty-two standard questions covering three categories, or dimensions:  Affect of Service (AS), Information Control (IC), and Library as Place (LP). UNT Libraries also selected five local questions from a list of over 100 optional questions provided by the LibQUAL+® team.

These questions provide additional insight into topics of significance to UNT.

For the text of the survey questions referenced in the following charts, see the Text of LibQUAL+® Survey Questions.

See How to Read Thermometer Charts for detailed instruction on how to read and interpret the following charts.

UNT Summary

Summary by UNT User Group  Summary Comparisons

Affect of Service Questions

Affect of Service focuses on interactions with library staff.

Affect of Service by UNT User Group   Affect of Service

Information Control Questions

Information Control deals with availability of needed resources and how easy it is to access them.

Information Control by UNT User Group   Information Control

Library as Place Questions

Library as Place addresses the physical environment.

Library as Place by UNT User Group   Library as Place

Local Questions

Local Questions by UNT User Group   Local Questions

Combined Charts and Data Tables

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