Data from the LibQUAL+® surveys has been analyzed to identify strengths, user priorities, and opportunities for improvement.  Responses have been looked at by user group (faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates) to ensure that the different perceptions and needs of each group are understood. Because faculty did not participate in the 2008 LibQUAL+® Lite pilot, data from that survey has not been included in this analysis.


Most of the LibQUAL+® surveys administered at UNT included all faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. The 2008 LibQUAL+® Lite pilot survey included all graduate students and undergraduates. Faculty did not participate. In 2005, UNT Libraries surveyed all faculty and 10% samples of graduate students and undergraduates.

User Group 2011 2009 2008 2007 2005
Faculty 129 85 NA 225 149
Graduate Students 740 532 733 950 180
Undergraduates 1284 1454 1800 1891 123

Results Overview

Results from the 2011 LibQUAL+® survey indicate that among the core user groups, undergraduates show the highest level of overall satisfaction with library services, followed by graduate students and then faculty.

The survey covers three dimensions of library service quality:

  • Affect of Service – interaction with library staff.
  • Information Control – availability of needed resources and ease of accessing them.
  • Library as Place – the physical environment.

Of these dimensions, Affect of Service is viewed more positively than the other two service dimensions by all three of these groups. They were also in agreement that Information Control is the dimension most in need of improvement.


The following charts analyzing results of the LibQUAL+® surveys are available for review:

Thermometer Charts


The full report notebooks from the LibQUAL+® surveys, including the 2008 LibQUAL+® Lite pilot, can be downloaded in PDF format:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read, and print this PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe web site.


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