Results of LibQUAL+® surveys are used to assess library services, resources and facilities and to identify needed improvements.

Issues identified in the 2011 LibQUAL+® survey and actions taken to handle them:

Library hours:

  • "Please extend library hours!  We don't have any good places to go to work on papers/projects late at night!"
  • "How can it open at 1:00 on Sunday.  Half your day is gone."
  • "Please provide better hours for pre and finals week.  DO NOT just open the first floor...I have had to study on the floor SEVERAL times."
  • Should be open 24/7.

Willis Library is now open 24/7 when classes are in session.

Study rooms: 

  • "I miss the study rooms that used to be available.  I rarely come to the library now that these rooms are not available.  Without these rooms it is more difficult to work for extended periods of time in the library."
  • "The libraries should consider building/offering study rooms for groups that would like to work together, talk, but not disturb other  people in the library as they do so."
  • "I am disappointed that UNT Willis library does not offer individual and group study rooms."
  • "I have recently visited other libraries in other Texas campuses and out of state schools.  I feel their libraries are very modern and have a lot of technology and also more space for study groups and individual study areas.  The renovation to the ISB is amazing and looks like other university libraries I have seen. Willis Library I feel is behind the times.  Willis should be improved with group study rooms with projector and dry erase boards."

Beginning with the Spring 2013 Semester, students can reserve rooms for group study in Willis Library, Eagle Commons Library, and the Media Library. The rooms available for group study are:

  • Willis Library: Room 035 (Lower Level)
  • Willis Library: Room 229 (2nd Floor)
  • Willis Library: Room 430A (4th Floor)
  • Willis Library: Room 443 (4th Floor)
  • Eagle Commons Library: CLC 110A
  • Eagle Commons Library: CLC 110B
  • Media Library: Chilton Room 111C

Rooms in Willis Library are available between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., with the exception of room 229, which is rserved for Library functions from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Rooms in the Eagle Commons Library and the Media Library are available during normal business hours.  For more information and to reserve a room, please visit Reserving a Group Study Room.


  • "The website is quite confusing - I often have to hunt and hunt for links if I only use them once a month or so."
  • "I think the website redesign a few years ago was an improvement, but it is still too cluttered, and the language is vague.  What is the difference between a special collection and a digital collection? What is the difference between an electronic resource and a digital collection?  Why are Research Tools and Library Services separate headings?  Finding information with research tools is the most essential library service of all....I suggest de-cluttering the library home page, I want there to be less stuff. I want the search interface to be more prominent."
  • "I would like to see the website get a better user friendly design because it is very difficult to navigate."

A redesigned library website was implemented during the summer of 2012.

Workstations, electrical outlets, printers, etc.

  • "There should be more areas in Willis, besides the 24-hr lab, where you could print things for free."
  • "The only disappointing factor I find in the library is the smallness of the computer lab. UNT has 36,000 students, and Willis Library has only 50 or so computers with access to a printer."
  • "Having more laptops to rent out and increase rental times."
  • "Except for the 24 hr willis computer lab, the technology and resources are outdated."
  • "My only major complaint is the lack of electrical outlets for students' laptops.  The majority of the time, students will bring their laptops with them to work on projects/group projects and it becomes a very big inconvenience having to search for or wait for an outlet to become available."

Over the last year, UNT Libraries has significantly increased the availability of electrical outlets, both Windows and Apple workstation, laptops for checkout, printers, scanners and copiers.  Additional electrical outlets have been added to all floors in Willis, with the greatest number added on the Lower Level, First Floor, and Second Floor. When the current expansion in Willis is complete, there will be 269 workstations and 80 laptops for checkout.  Eagle Commons Library (ECL) has 22 workstations and 3 laptops for checkout; Discovery Park Library (DPL), 28 workstations and 7 laptops for checkout; and the Media Library, 4 workstations.  In addition, Willis has 7 student funded printers, and 3 pay to print printers, 1 color and 2 black and white.  There are at least 2 scanners on every floor.  All pay to print printers are also copiers.  DPL has 1 color pay to print printer and ECL has 1 black and white pay to print printer.  The laptop checkout period has been expanded from 2 hours to 4 hours.

Issues identified in the 2009 LibQUAL+® survey and actions taken to handle them:

Marketing library resources and services:

  • "I do feel that the library could do a better job marketing what training it has available."
  • "I would like to see the library do more promoting of upcoming events."
  • "It would be nice if the library was more informative about the resources they provide. It seems that many students don't go to the library because they are unaware of these resources. So the library should get lots of word out about what they have to offer."
  • "I was pleased with the online Library Chat for directly asking questions to the library staff in real time. I was really surprised to find this service available (and was quite happy to find it), although I wouldn't have known about the service other than happening to come across it on the library website. I haven't noticed the library promoting their services very much, and would like to see more signage in the library about what services they do provide. I'm sure the library system does have a plethora of services available, but as the common student walking into the library I don't have a clue what those services might be."
  • "If I knew more about the library services, I might feel more comfortable going there and using the services there."

In the fall of 2010, the Director of Marketing and Communications position was created for UNT Libraries. The focus of the position will be building awareness of library services, promoting our extensive special collections and positioning the libraries as the social and intellectual center of the campus.

Group study:

  • "Last week I went to go look for the group meeting rooms that used to be downstairs in the lower level [of Willis Library]. To my surprise, they're not there anymore. I'm very saddened by this, and wish that UNT Library would have more group meeting places for group projects."
  • "I would love to see some sort of space for groups to meet that would be relatively quiet. Right now, especially during the busiest hours, the ground floor [of Willis Library] can be very loud. Large cubicles or medium sized rooms that could be checked out for pairs and small groups would be helpful."
  • "I would also appreciate the availability of small rooms with doors for group work where the group can isolate itself from the rest of the library to work and plan without disrupting others."
  • "more group meeting study areas that are quiet and maybe have black/whiteboard for use"

During the fall/winter 2010/11, the Science and Technology Library was remodeled. The first floor study area is now a learning commons with a number of partitioned areas containing computers, whiteboards, and SmartBoards to support group projects. There are also two medium sized rooms with doors that groups can reserve for two hour study sessions. They are equipped with computers, white boards, projectors and screens and software to record presentations.

CLC Smartboard                   

CLC Overhead View

Drive/walk up return boxes for books and media:

  • "The library needs an off location, drive/walk up return box that is away from Willis Library. Parking around the library is difficult, but an on campus drive up would be helpful."
  • "Also would like a DRIVE THROUGH book drop off."

A drive up book return box has been installed at the curb on Highland Street between the Music Annex and Willis Library. It can be used 24/7. In addition, the Media Library has a drop box located just outside the Chestnut Street entrance to Chilton Hall. It is only available for use during hours the Media Library is closed.

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Issues identified in the 2007 LibQUAL+® survey and actions taken to handle them:

Library website:

  • "Access to library info on web is hard. Took me 30 minutes to find the times the library is open."
  • "The website is cumbersome and NOT user friendly."
  • "The library's web page is not always easy to navigate. For example, it is very difficult to get to the page to renew books."

The redesigned library web site (begun prior to the 2007 survey – we anticipated this feedback) was implemented in August, 2007.

Electrical outlets for laptops:


  • "Facilities could integrate technology needs MUCH better simply by having more outlets at study table for laptop computers."
  • "My biggest suggestion would be to add more electrical outlets because of the growing popularity of laptops."

"We also need more areas where you can plug your lap tops in so we can conveniently access our work and study at the same time."

During the summer of 2007, 16 tables with 4 outlets each (64 outlets) were added to the first floor of Willis and 20 tables with 4 outlets each (80 outlets) were added to the second floor of Willis. Work was completed September 25, 2007.

Signs and maps:

  • "I also feel that many students are not aware of the layout of the library and find it difficult to locate books and other research items."
  • "The library should have an information kiosk when you walk in that tells students exactly what is on each floor. It would resemble one that you would see in the mall."
  • "Each floor should have a large map showing how the shelf numbers run."

A project is underway to develop new signs and maps for Willis Library and the Science and Technology Library. The new signs and maps will be phased in over the next year, with the final changes planned for completion by September, 2008.

Remodeling in Willis:

  • "The reference desk is too hidden."
  • "Willis needs more comfortable, quiet and less distracting places to study."
  • "I would like the libraries to invest more into making the facilities (Willis) more integrated with studying and relaxation. Increasing the level of couches and comfortable chairs to make the library like a bookstore (which you have started with your cafe) would be nice as I feel the library should just be a quiet place to read a fiction novel and not just a place to study which it is."

A project is underway to remodel the Willis Library reference area, including moving the reference desk to a more visible location, adding couches and other more comfortable seating, and reducing the noise and distractions caused by the coin machines, printers, etc. Work is scheduled to be phased in over the 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 academic years, with the final changes planned for completion by September, 2009.

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Issues identified in the 2005 LibQUAL+® survey and actions taken to handle them:

Increased availability of online reference:

  • "Online reference service should be provided for some weekend hours."
  • "I have used the library on campus but also as a distant student. I find the services available to the two to be vastly different. Hours at breaks, weekends, etc. are definitely local student based."

Online reference hours expanded to include 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays in late spring, 2005.

Cyber Café improvements:

  • "I really don't like the coffee store in the reserve room. It is quite distracting due to its noise.

  • "I like the coffee area, but maybe some new decoration and lighting may be in order."

Remodeling of the Cyber Café, including the addition of glass walls to reduce noise, was completed in February, 2007.

cyber_cafe_3_resized.jpg      cyber_cafe_2.jpg

Productivity software for library PCs:

  • "One last suggestion is to make Microsoft Word or perhaps an open source software such as StarOffice available on the machines in the library. I don't just want to use these computers to browse the internet, seems like a lot of wasted computer power. I would actually extend it to even more software options such as Powerpoint, and Excel."
  • "We need Microsoft office in the library."
  • "I wish it were possible to be able to type our work even if only word was made available at times having access to the computer labs are impossible yet you would like to save your work in diskettes or type work using resources from the texts."

Microsoft Office was made available on library computers at the beginning of the fall semester, 2006.

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