Library Liaisons

Library liaisons work in partnership with one or more academic departments, schools or colleges to enhance the Libraries’ collections and increase faculty and student access to library resources in all formats through reference, teaching and technology.

Find a Library Liaison by Subjects/Departments

If you are unable to find a suitable contact person below, please use our Ask Us form and we will forward your question to the appropriate person within the libraries.

African American Studies Coby Condrey (6948)
Anthropology Jennifer Rowe (3980)

Rebecca Barham (4405)

Behavior Analysis Jennifer Rowe (3980)
Biology Erin O'Toole (6750)
Business Jeffrey Levy (2013)
Chemistry Randy Wallace (6456)
College of Engineering Beth Thomsett-Scott (6437)
College of Public Affairs & Community Service Jennifer Rowe (3980)
Communication Studies Gayla Byerly (2014)
Community and Professional Programs Jennifer Rowe (3980)
Criminal Justice Jennifer Rowe (3980)
Dance & Drama Rebecca Barham (4405)
Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation Jennifer Rowe (3980)
Economics Jeffrey Levy (2013)
Education Jo Monahan (3955)
English Gayla Byerly (2014)
Foreign Language Donna Arnold (2860)
Forensics Laurel Crawford (6945)
Geography Erin O'Toole (6750)
Gerontology Jennifer Rowe (3980)

Reference &  Instruction:

Morgan Gieringer (8657)

Collection Development:

Lisa Brown (3967)

Honors College Julie Leuzinger (6750)
International Studies Laurel Crawford (6945)
Jewish Studies Coby Condrey (6948)
Journalism Doug Campbell (7815)
Latino Studies Morgan Gieringer (8657)
Learning Technologies Cindy Batman (2044)
LGBT Morgan Gieringer (8657)
Library & Information Science Cindy Batman (2044)
Linguistics & Technical Communications Gayla Byerly (2014)
Mathematics Randy Wallace (6456)
Merchandising & Hospitality Management

Reference &  Instruction:

Diane Wahl (6897)

Collection Development:

Laurel Crawford (6945)

Music Mark McKnight (2859)
Music Recordings Andrew Justice (7061)
Native American Studies Coby Condrey (6948)
Philosophy/Religion Coby Condrey (6948)
Physics Randy Wallace (6456)
Political Science Julie Leuzinger (6750)
Psychology Patricia Reese (6426)
Public Administration Jennifer Rowe (3980)
Radio TV Film Kim Stanton (4832)
Social Work Jennifer Rowe (3980)
Sociology Lilly Ramin (3981)
Speech & Hearing Jennifer Rowe (3980)
TAMS Mary Ann Venner (4261)
Toulouse Graduate School Laura McKinnon (3982)
UGST Lilly Ramin (3981)
Women's Studies Diane Wahl (6897)

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